Call for Papers

Vol. 5, Issue 10, October 2017

Paper Submission     :   25th October 2017
Author Notification :   within 3 days 
Publication               :   30th October 2017

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  National Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Technology

  1st and 2nd March 2017

Organized by: 

LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod


Quasi –Z- Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation

Aswini M V, Dr. Jayaprakash P

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Real Time Image Denoising using Synchronized Bilateral Filter

Chandni C S, Pushpakumari R

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A Review on EEG Classification for Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interface

Sagee G.S., Hema S.

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Grid Connected Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter

Aswathy M. Prince, Shahin M

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Power Quality Improvement using Canonical Switching Cell Converter Fed BLDC motor drive

Anju.A.S, Dr. Rajesh.M

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LMF Based Control of Single Stage Dual Purpose Three-Phase Four-Wire Grid Connected SPV System with Reduced Rating VSC

Vivek Narayanan, Jayaprakash P

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Power Quality Improvement in Induction Motor Drive using 24-Pulse AC-DC Converter Employing Pulse Multiplication Technique

Greeshma C, Rajesh M

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Design and Analysis of Metamaterial based Rectangular Patch Antenna for Satellite Communication

Reshmi R Kumar, Saranya JS, Sreedevi BS

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Liver Tumor Segmentation using Adaptive Thresholding

Anju Krishna M., Deepesh Edwin

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An Embedded PSO Approach to Facial Emotion Recognition

Semna K, Najla PR

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Sparse Face Recognition System Using OMP

Sujitha P., Dr. Arathi T.

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Single-Inductor Series-Switch Five-Level Dual Buck Full Bridge Inverter

Devika K, Asokan O.V.

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Bidirectional Quasi Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive

Manjusha N, Divyalal R K

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Single Phase Multilevel Inverter for Induction Motor Drives

Nithya Chandran, Sangeetha K

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Dual Output Power Management Unit for a PV Battery Hybrid Energy System

Aswathi.S, Nimitha Gopinath, Dr. Devi.V

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Single phase active front end rectifier system employed in three phase variable frequency drive

Shruti K K, Valsalan T, Poorani S

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Solar PV Fed Interleaved Boost Sepic Converter

Deena J Baby, P Baburaj

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Multiple Object Detection, Identification and Tracking Based On Local Sparse Representation

Ashna.M.D, Nishidha T

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2D/3D Crack Detection via Particle Filtering and Volume Rendering

Anusree K, Najla P R

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SPST to DPDT Switching Conversion Module for Solid State Relays (SSR)

Govindan Unni, Deepak S

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Picode and Vicode: Embedded Picture and Embedded video Barcode Technique

Vrindha U.K, Rajesh R

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An Approach of Color Standardization in Pathological Images

Amal Kumar R G, Arun Lal C.K

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Face Recognition from Low Resolution Face Images; A Review

Roshnan.R., Naveens.

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Block Formulated Efficient Reconfigurable Interpolation Filter

Akhil S R., Pramod P.

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Dodecagonal Space Vector PWM for Two Level Inverter Fed Open End Winding Induction Motor Drive

Devika.V.V, Vinita Chellappan

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A Standalone Operation of PMSG based Wind Turbine Generating Systems with Energy Management by Hybrid Energy Storage

Navya Devarajan, Baby Sindhu A V, Sarath Mohan

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Grid Connected Solar PV System with Power Quality Improvement

Vrinda AV, Sheeja V

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A Review on Compression Methods for JPEG Image Collections

Hari Krishnan K

Abstract | Iarjset PDF

A Survey on the Methods of Seizure Prediction

Parvathy Prathap, Aswathy Devi T

Abstract | Iarjset PDF

High Speed and Energy Saving Carry Skip Adder

Divyashree L.K., Pramod P.

Abstract | Iarjset PDF

Shunt Active Power Filter with Hysteresis Current Control

Haritha V M, Athira M

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Double Flying Capacitor Multi cell Converter based on Modified Phase Shifted Pulse width Modulation

Neema Rasheed, Saritha M

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Area-Delay Efficient Reconfigurable FIR Filter Architecture

Nisha C.K., Pramod P.

Abstract | Iarjset PDF

VLSI Architecture for High Performance Montgomery Modular Multiplication

Khadeeja Thameema, Santo Mathew

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XML based System for the Detection of Cardiac Abnormalities from ECG Data

Pratheesh Bose V., Sambhu D.

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RoMed - Robotic Vehicle for Pill Delivery

Sruthi Sivakumar, Priyanka Devi N., Kaveri S., Nadia Nujum, Nandan S.

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