Abstract: This paper describe the reactive power flow solution based BBO to amend the performance of the power system. Biogeography-based optimization is incorporating flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) is type of FACTS device used in this paper. In this BBO Store best parent solution and apply mutation and migration process on remaining parents to produce best fitted child sets. This paper define the problem of optimal power flow solution is very severe in modern interconnected transmission system the control of reactive and real power has to be fast to insure that the system remains stable under all condition of operation. The use of thyristor based controllers enable a transmission system to be flexible using SSSC FACTS is a series connected FACTS controller. The proposed BBO method gives better solution quality compared to particle swarm optimization with static synchronous series compensator facts device. The simulation results show that the proposed BBO algorithm is effective, fast and accurate in finding the optimal parameter settings for FACTS devices to solve OPF problems. BBO algorithm is tested on IEEE 14-bus with SSSC FACTS device gives better solution to enhance the system performance.

Keywords: Power system operation, FACTS, Biogeography based optimization, optimal power flow, SSSC Device.