Abstract: In recent years, augmented reality technology is being widely used in various areas. Augmented Reality (AR) is basically a real view modified by a computer. It uses computer generated imagery and sounds to enhance ones current perception of reality. While virtual reality describes an imaginary world that exists in computers and our minds, augmented reality is a mixture of real world and virtual world. It is therefore different for the human mind to tell the difference between real world and augmented reality. In this paper, we describe the development of a prototype that uses augmented reality to control electrical devices like fan, motors, AC etc by hand gestures. Up to 8 electrical devices can be controlled. A virtual plane is present between user and display. The user interacts with this virtual plane and hands and fingers are tracked and gestures recognized. These gestures are then used to select the button on the display which are used for selecting a particular device and to turn it on or off as per the requirement of user. This project is very helpful for people of physical limitations like old age people, physically disabled people and also used for industrial and office work.

Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR); Virtual Reality (VR); Hand Gesture; Air Touch; Human Computer Interaction (HCI)