Abstract: Power system has dynamic behavior as it faces various disturbances like sudden variation in load, sudden variation in generation and different faults. Due to the variation of load demand, the operation, maintenance and control of power system have become a challenging task. To meet the load requirements, many noticeable research activities are going on in the field of deregulation, restructuring of power system, utilization of renewable energy sources and installing small generators at the load centre referred to as Distributed Generation (DG) etc. Furthermore, among many different types of DG units, renewable DG units are widely accepted. In this paper, adequacy evaluation of the 220kV distribution system with DG has been proposed. This concept deals with installation of additional capacity with the existing capacity for supplying load, which is provided by renewable DG units. Reliability index such as average unsupplied load (AUL) is calculated using Monte Carlo simulation (MCS).

Keywords: Adequacy Assessment, Renewable wind energy, MCS, IPP, Distribution system, Distributed generation.