Abstract: Multiplexing is a method by which multiple analog message signals or digital data streams are combined into one signal over a shared medium. The aim is to share an expensive resource. TDM is the most widely used multiplexing technique in today’s communication, in which the main issue is a clock recovery that may render the system highly complicated and costly for TDM system. Therefore, many investigations have been done to design and develop reliable and cost-effective clock recovery modules for TDM in both electrical and optical versions. These problems can be resolved by an absolute polar duty cycle division multiplexing (APDCDM). APDCDM also decreases the complexity of receiver and improved the capacity of channels as compare to the DCDM system. In this workfive user APDCDM system has been designed and each user has data rate of 20Gbps, Gbps signal is transmitted through optical fiber cable and data is successfully transmitted up to 75 km distance using a standard single mode fiber.

Keywords: APDCDM, BER.