Abstract: The main demand for renewable energy resources is increase in the price and limited availability of conventional energy resources. Available alternative sources of wind energy are neat and clean but due to the intermittent nature it can need back up. In order to ascertain continuous supply of potency felicitous storage technology is utilized as backup. In this paper, the sustainability of a 4-kW hybrid of wind and battery system is investigated for meeting the requisites of a 3-kW stand-alone dc load representing a base telecom station. A charge controller of battery bank charging and discharging depends on Fuzzy logic controller predicated maximum power point tracking and battery state of charge. The mechanical safety and electrical safety of wind energy conversion system is achieved by using pitch control technique. Both the control schemes are integrated and the efficacy is validated by testing it with various load and wind profiles in MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Pitch Control, State Of Charge (SOC), Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS).