Abstract: In this paper analysis have been performed for a good trade-off between the perceptual quality of the video after watermarking and the robustness of the video against various attacks by embedding the binary watermark into the video frame. The embedding and the extraction of watermark is done in the high frequency domain of Discrete Wavelet Transform since small modifications done in this domain are not perceived by human eye. Arnold Cat Map Scrambling technique is used in the algorithm, which is applied on the binary watermark before embedding to provide some level of security. In the paper four watermarking algorithms are presented to do a comparative study. The normalized correlation and bit error is used to compute the measure of the extracted watermark. The experimental results shows high imperceptibility and high robustness against several attacks especially noisy attacks and filtering attacks in all the cases. The comparison has been shown in the result section.

Keywords: Digital Video Watermarking, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis, Arnold Cat Map.