Abstract: The existing energy meter reading technology uses man power which has disadvantages like errors during calculation, absence of consumer during billing time and extra expenses for the billing process. The wireless energy meter monitoring system aims to minimize these difficulties by providing energy meter monitoring through wireless medium. Power consumed by consumer in the home side module is monitored by Electricity Board through wireless technology. This wireless technology is implemented by using ZigBee modules. This is done by using a ZigBee transceiver interfaced with both the EB (Electricity Board) section server as well as the consumer side. The Microcontroller based system continuously records the readings. These live meter readings are displayed in the LCD and also sent to the EB side through ZigBee. The EB (Electricity Board) takes the responsibility of calculating the bill with the data received from the home side, and the tariff provided by the operator and displays the same in the LCD placed in the consumerís home by transmitting the data through ZigBee transceiver. If at all the consumer doesnít pay the bill in allotted time, then the power supply to the home is cut down automatically using relay.

Keywords: Zigbee module, LCD, EB module.