Abstract: The aim of this paper is to do the comparative study of proportional controller, proportional integral controller and conventional PID controller for flowing fluids. In this paper, performance analysis of proportional, proportional integral and conventional PID controller has been done by the use of MATLAB & SIMULINK and in the end comparison of various times domain parameter is done to prove that the conventional PID controller has small overshoot, settling time, rise time and fast response as compared to P controller and PI controller. PID controller is the most widely used control strategy in industry. The popularity of PID controller can be attributed partly to their robust performance and partly to their functional simplicity. In this paper, the response of the proportional and proportional integral controller is oscillatory which damage the system. The response of the conventional PID controller is free from these dangerous oscillations in transient period. Hence the conventional PID controller is better than proportional and proportional integral controller.

Keywords: Z-N tuning, PID controller, PI controller, P controller, Matlab/Simulink.