Abstract: In this paper a brain emotional learning based on intelligent controller (BELBIC) and fuzzy logic with Mamdani and Sugeno type fuzzy inference has been suggested for two area hydro electrical power system and compared with PI controller for elimination of the problems load frequency control such as frequency deviations and power flow control in transient condition. The Proposed controllers are substituted instead of conventional PI controller. Intelligent controllers have some parameters when tuned better response can be achieved. These controllers are flexible and robust against change in system parameters, loads, generation rate constraints and other nonlinear factors in a power system. These controllers are used for two-area hydro electrical power system and simulation results have confirmed the superiority of intelligent controllers over conventional controllers. The Application and performance of these controllers have been verified in linear and nonlinear systems. The Simulation has been done in matlab simulink software.

Keywords: Load Frequency Control, Brain Emotional, Fuzzy Logic.