Abstract: Various wireless communications is often essential in the field of tele-medicine, home security and industrial security etc. Now a day’s people of all age groups are suffering from two common medical ailments that are Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar. Monitoring of these parameters or Bio-vitals has always been a challenging task to the research community. There are many parameters which always require constant monitoring like Blood pressure, Heart rate or pulse, ECG, Body temperature etc. The blood pressure is a very critical bio-vital as it is directly related to heart. Hence, in-turn measurement of heart rate is highly essential. Timely remedial medical measures/assistance can save the heart patient from heart failure. Advanced technologies are available to monitor the heart rate. The heat rate/pulse rate can be measured at any point on the body where artery’s pulsation pressure is transformed to the body surface by pressing it with index & middle finger. This traditional/conventional method is being used by physicians. The other method is using of digital devices. Latest development in microcontrollers, wireless communications techniques, GSM & GPS technologies, high sensitive wearable sensors have led the monitoring of heart rate more accurate, thus helps the patients to move around without restriction or otherwise patients are confined to the hospital environment. This paper describes a simple 51 architecture based low cost real time heart rate/pulse rate monitoring system that uses digital device OMRON NIBP unit. For clinical trials, the system was taken to the hospital and tested on different age & weight people. Then these results are compared with readings taken by Doctor using traditional methods. The developed system also uses GSM & GPS technologies. The GSM is for bio-vital signal information transformation through SMS and GPS is for location awareness. The developed system is aimed at aged or elderly people, as the movement of these people is restricted because of age factor &other health related issues. Combination of various technologies in a single module fulfils the needs of delivering critical information to concerned people.

Keywords: Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Heart rate, bits per minute, GSM and GPS.