Abstract: The present system of energy metering as well as billing in India uses electromechanical and somewhere digital energy meter. It consume more time and labour. One of the prime reasons is the tradition billing system which is incorrect. Many times slow, costly and lack in flexibility as well as reliability. Today accuracy in electrical billing is highly recommended. The smart energy meter gives real time consumption as well as accurate billing. A possible solution is a Wireless Energy Meter which is able to send its data via wireless communication to PC or a remote device where monitoring and analysis of the data will be easily made. In smart metering there is a different technique in communication system like AMI, WIMAX, and Zig-bee etc. This paper presents a brief literature review of the work carried out by the various researchers in this field by using AMI techniques. And also the various communication system used in smart metering technology.

Keywords: AMI, GSM, Zig-bee, WIMAX.