Abstract: Due to the limited resources of the network transmission of large sized data can be a bottleneck in Adhoc network. The data delivery is done by selecting appropriate cluster heads. This kind of region diversity may be utilized to achieve higher energy efficiency. We divide the network into four regions. Node with highest energy in each region is selected as cluster head. Remaining nodes forwards their data to cluster head which buffers the data and forwards only one packet instead of all the packets received from other nodes. Therefore the overall energy consumption is reduced in such a network. In our proposed method we recalculate cluster head after every round of transmission and bypass nodes with lower energy to preserve more energy. We compare the performance with non energy centric pure region based cluster head and prove that the proposed technique fares better in terms of low energy consumption, fewer node deaths, more packet delivery ratio and improved packets par node. Here by compressing redundant data we ensure better degree of compression without compromising on mean square error.

Keywords: Cluster Head, MANET, Adhoc, etc.