Abstract: Safety of vehicles moving at high speeds on the road is a matter of big concern. Fuzzy logic based systems could be incorporated in vehicles for this purpose. A fuzzy logic based model is developed for good vehicle control. Image or echo based techniques can be used to get the required inputs for the model. The system is developed such that, when the vehicle moves close to the left or right line on the road, the steering is turned to bring the vehicle to the middle of the road. The break force is decided based on the speed of the vehicle and its distance from the front vehicle. These requirements are best modelled by the Fuzzy logic method. When the vehicle goes out of its intended path or when it is excessively closer to any vehicle or other objects, this system can act with the artificial intelligence capabilities to avoid possible accidents.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, Defuzzification, Membership Functions, Rule-base, Degree of Membership.