Abstract: The main aim of the project is to compensate the unbalanced currents caused by single-phase loads that are connected across any two terminals of the three-phase SEIG by using STATCOM with D-Q theory technique. This project presents single-phase power generation using a three-phase self-excited induction generator (SEIG) working in conjunction with a three-phase static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). Due to the specific advantages of the squirrel-cage induction machine over the conventional synchronous machine, SEIGs are being employed in remote and isolated power generating systems as mechanical energy conversion devices. When an SEIG is driven by prime movers such as biomass, biogas, and biodiesel engines, the frequency of the generated voltage is almost constant from no load to full load. But, poor voltage regulation has been the major drawback of an SEIG in its applications. To control the terminal voltage by using one of the controlling equipment like active switches which use the combination of a fixed capacitor and thyristor-controlled inductor known as static var compensator (SVC), the disadvantage of SVC is it would generate low-order harmonic currents caused by the switching of line currents and they also involve large size and heavy weight of passive elements. The performance of the SEIG–STATCOM system is evaluated for both linear and nonlinear single-phase loads. Furthermore, the performance of the SEIG at different terminal voltages is observed and the terminal voltage corresponding to the maximum power output is identified and also observes the source current and load current by using SIMULINK/MATLAB software. In this project, an alternative method of feeding single-phase loads using a three-phase SEIG without de-rating the machine is proposed. The benefit of integrating a STATCOM in an SEIG based Standalone power generation feeding single-phase loads is threefold first, generator currents balancing; second, voltage regulation; and third, mitigates the harmonics injected by nonlinear loads.

Keywords: Self-excited induction generator (SEIG), single-phase Synchronous D-Q frame theory, static synchronous compensator (STATCOM).