Abstract: For the smart home control applications, smart switching system is designed. The system uses real time programmable logic controller (PLC) for switching the electrical appliances. Electrical appliance is a part of our daily needs. When such needs are in a very high demand, requirement to access their electrical appliances in a more flexible way and also safer to use is increases. The system is capable of switching any electrical appliances manually, preprogrammed and remotely. The most common practice in our daily life is manual switching. The second method in this system is preprogramming method which allows the users to program the usage of certain electrical appliances in advance or repetitively. Such function can be used on daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis based on the requirements of the user. The third method in this system is remote switching where the users are capable of sending Short Messaging System (SMS) to switch ON and OFF their electrical appliances using mobile phones. Global System for Mobile Communication Modulator and Demodulator (GSM Modem) enables SMS commands to be received to the PLC. The applications of technology have seen many new intelligent systems overwriting the conventional method to ease human life in many ways. Many systems are designed to be flexible for the users and enable them to communicate for the latest status of their electrical appliances at any time. Such applications will be practical and benefits for both the domestic and industrial users from various level of electrical applications without boundaries.

Keywords: Smart home, smart switching system, intelligent controller, Short Messaging System, PLC.