Abstract: This work is focused on an efficient model of OFDM transceiver with the help of software-defined radio (SDR) system with reconfigurable architecture for wireless communications. SDR possesses revolutionary developments such as algorithm implementation of digital communication and increased computing capabilities. In the paper, OFDM system design and implementation with novel technology development is the primary focus to be studied. Different modulation techniques of OFDM system and other related concepts like PAPR also taken into consideration in order to design the OFDM System. FEC coding is performed by suggesting Convolutional coders. In this paper, bit error rate and symbol error rates performance are analyzed by varying bits per symbol, window size and modulation scheme. Results proved that BER values are improved as modulation scheme size (M) is increased. Moreover, IEEE 802.11a standards are implemented. BPSK modulation with Radix-2 FFT, OFDM transceiver design is implemented using commercial Amitec SDR04 and configured by GNU radio companion in the laboratory environment.

Keywords: software-defined radio (SDR); OFDM; BPSK; GNU Radio Companion, BER.