Abstract: Safety navigation for the Blind people by using RFID system. IN this Paper RFID system plays main role, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) providing Bus information to the particular Blind person. So many Papers available for the Blind people but this Paper providing information about the Bus in particular Distance. For example: GPS satellites revolving around the earth, which gives continuous updates on where we are and where we are heading. There will be GPS receivers installed or with a person which will receive signals from the satellite and helps the user to navigate to their desired location. This Paper providing stick to the blind people for obstacle detection and water detection with alarm. Limitation of this Paper is Blind person must come to the nearest location. But RFID system helps to the Blind people is a technology that use wireless radio frequency Transmission to identify the specific object, item or person.

Keywords: RFID, GPS, Barcode System analyzer.