Abstract: This paper describes the design of the printed rectangular monopole antenna using inset field in rectangular shape operating at 2.4 GHz. The dimensions of each single element of the planar monopole antenna at the operating frequency are calculated using transmission line model. Broadband planar monopole antennas have all the advantages of the monopole in terms of their cost, and ease of fabrication besides, yielding very large bandwidths. For many applications large bandwidth is required. Recently, many techniques to tailor and optimize the impedance BW of these antennas have been investigated. These antennas are becoming popular, and have been proposed for modern and future wideband wireless applications. The radiation performance is also shown to be acceptable over a wide range of frequency. Optimization of the feed point location can achieve very compact configurations. Also these antennas can provide band-notching characteristics. These antennas have been reported to provide multi band characteristics too. More recently, it has been shown that, although the square monopole (SM) provides smaller BW than the circular monopole (CM), its radiation pattern suffers less degradation within the impedance BW.

Keywords: Printed Rectangular Monopole antenna, antenna feeds, Slot cut, offset feed and broadband antenna.