Abstract: In this Paper, an Intelligent Direct Torque Control (DTC) method is proposed for controlling induction motor using Multilevel inverter with space Vector Modulation (SVM).A stage of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is utilised for predicting the target parameters with the corresponding input parameters change in motor torque and flux. The change in motor torque and flux parameters are extracted from the behaviour of the system with PI controller. The back propagation learning method is used to learn the ANN. By using the ANN output and PI controller outputs, PWM control signal are generated from the SVM technique and control the multilevel inverter. Then the proposed intelligent control technique is implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink and the effectiveness are analysed with five level cascaded inverter and comparing the results with PI controller and the proposed case. The comparison results shows that the proposed method have good speed control response.

Keywords: DTC, SVM, ANN, Multilevel inverter, Induction motor.