Abstract: In this country development of electrical power system particular for transmission line expansion and interconnection of neighbouring power system try to improve system security and economic operation. Due to this province in large scale power system, operation , control and expansion planning for particular system become challenging task to reduce transmission loss as minimum as possible for optimal operation. Now days, One of the major problems in opened power markets is loss division. In this paper, a different method for allocating and identify real power transmission losses to pool market participants is proposed. The proposed method is fundamentally based on decomposition of loss function and different in generators voltage concept. The method has been implemented and tested on several networks and IEEE 5-bus test system sample summarized in the paper. The results show that the method is inclusive and fair to splitting the energy losses of a deregulated power market to its participants.


Keywords: Differentiate of Transmission loss, Basic Concept, Load loss, Loss due to Difference in voltage at generation point.