Abstract: The Matrix Converter (MC) is capable of synthesizing variable magnitude and frequency output voltage while maintaining desired input power factor and it eliminates the need for DC link capacitors. This has led to the broad classification of matrix converters as indirect matrix converter (IMC) on the presence of a DC link and Direct MC(DMC) based on the absence of a DC link. In this paper, a three phase IMC is used to drive the three phase BLDC motor, which consists of a Current SourceRectifier (CSR) and aVoltage Source Inverter(VSI) connected via a fictitious DC link. Space-vector modulation is used to generate the gate pulses for the CSR and the gate pulses for the VSIare generated based on the rotor position of the BLDC rotor. The PI speed controller is used hereto improve the speed response of the motor and a PI current controller is used to minimize the torque ripples. The IMC fed BLDC motor is simulated using Matlab software package and the results of open loop and closed loop systems are compared and validated.


Keywords: Indirect matrix converter (IMC), Permanent magnet Brushless DC Motor, PI Controller, Current source rectifier(CSR), Voltage source inverter(VSI), Space Vector PWM(SVPWM).