Abstract: The demand for electrical energy is peaking. At the same time the conventional energy sources are depleting. In order to bridge the gap between the increasing demand and production some alternative energy resources have to be exploited. Renewable energy resources seem to be a promising solution. Solar energy having its own importance in such a scenario as it is clean, environmental friendly and infinite source of energy. The solar photo voltaic systems can be classified in to off-grid and on-grid systems. The yield of a solar photovoltaic system depends on various factors such as irradiation, temperature. Evaluation of the existing system is very important for the characterization of the existing problems and for the future improvements. For the evaluation a MATLAB/SIMULINK model is prepared for an on-grid and off-grid photovoltaic system. This study aims the evaluation of various power and voltage levels, charging and discharging trends of the battery bank, and the amount of power injected to the grid.


Keywords: Matlab, Simulink, On-grid systems, off-grid systems, performance evaluation