Abstract: Dedicated short range Communication to allow vehicles in close proximity to communicate with each other, or to communicate with roadside equipment. Applying wireless access technology in vehicular environments has led to the improvement of road safety and a reduction in number of fatalities caused by road accidents, through the development of road safety applications and facilitating information sharing between moving vehicles regarding the road. This paper focuses on developing a novel and non-intrusive driver behavior detection system using a context aware system in wireless to detect abnormal behaviors exhibited by drivers, and to warn other vehicles on the road so as to prevent accidents from happening. In real time inferring four types of driving behavior (normal, drunk, reckless and fatigue) by combining contextual information about the driver, vehicle and the environment is presented. The evaluation of behavior detection using synthetic data proves the validity of our model and the importance of including contextual information about the driver, the vehicle and the environment.



Keyword: Context aware system, zigbee, driver behaviour, safety application.