Abstract: There is huge change in technology, so the rate of people of all ages attracted towards electronic gadgets is increasing. In different type of industries the electronic devices like smart card reader, barcode and RFID scanner having more usage. This type of gadgets also required in supermarkets. In the existing, in the mall every person takes product put into trolley. After the shopping is done that person have to stand in the queue for billing. In the billing process a sell person scan barcode of each and every product and gives final bill. This process is very time consuming and it becomes worst on holidays, special offers or weekends.
To overcome that we have been developed a smart way for shopping in malls. Each and every product has RFID tag instead of barcode. The smart trolley will have RFID reader, LCD display. When a person put any product in the trolley it will scan and the cost, name and expire date of the product will display. Cost will add into final bill. Bill will be stored in microcontroller memory. It will transfer from RF transmitter to RF receiver. Receiver will transfer this information to the PC through serial communication. For this project we used Embedded C and VB6.0 software



Keyword: Embedded, RFID tags, reader, Microcontroller LPC2148.