Abstract: As technology scales, sub-threshold leakage currents grow exponentially and become an increasingly large component of total power dissipation. To improve performance of the MOSFETs, doping profile of channel is changed. In this paper, we present comparison of uniform doping (UD), horizontal high source side doping (HHSS) &horizontal high drain side doping (HHDS) and draw the various characteristics i.e. channel electric field, surface potential & sub threshold leakage current .our results show that the horizontal high source sidedoping exhibit excellent properties not only higher mobility but also hot electron degradation improvement and better reliability. Therefore, refer to the results, horizontal high source side doping structure has superior performances in comparison with uniform and horizontal high drain side doping (HHDS). All the device simulations are performed using SILVACO Atlas device simulator.



Keyword: Uniform doping (UD), Horizontal high source side doping (HHSS), Horizontal high drain side doping (HHDS), short channel effects (SCEs), ATLAS.