Abstract: The power system becomes more severe under contingency conditions. In general, the contingencies may be outage of transmission lines or generators. To identify the effect of outages on system security, the contingency analysis is one of the analytical tools. The congestion on a system must be manages using generation rescheduling and with the proper control of the compensation equipments. The transmission line outage sometime increases the total power system losses, cascading outage of transmission lines, etc. Finally, the system leads to collapse condition. To avoid this type of uncontrolled condition, the power system security needs to be analyzed under transmission line outage condition. In this paper, the most critical transmission lines are identified using line collapse proximity index values and the system severity is analyzed in terms of transmission line loadings, bus voltage magnitude variations are tested on standard IEEE-14 bus test system and the analytical results are presented in numerically and as well as graphically.



Keyword: Power system security, contingency analysis, transmission line outages, line collapse proximity index.