Abstract: This paper presents a simple control strategy for a direct driven PMSG wind energy power system (WECS). The dc link voltage is controlled by the generator side converter by using Fixed frequency sliding mode control (FFSMC). The Grid side converter (GSC) controls the grid active power for maximum power point tracking. The validity of the proposed control scheme has been verified by simulation. The merits of the proposed control scheme are, it does not require the measurement of wind velocity,good dynamic response of DC link voltage, PMSG stator currents are sinusoidal and power injected into the grid at unity power factor. Modeling of Wind turbine, PMSG, controlling of generator side switch mode converter, controlling of GSC and Simulation results are presented. Simulation is done in MATLAB/POWERSYSTEM environment.

Keywords: Variable-speed wind turbine, PMSG, FFSMC, DC link voltage, GSC.