Abstract: This project deals with the power quality issues in distribution system caused by harmonics produced due to unbalanced and non linear loads. In recent years the use of non linear load is tremendously increasing which result in production of harmonics in the power system. The harmonics causes adverse effect on end user equipment which results in maloperation of equipment. Therefore it becomes necessary to provide easy and economical system to improve the power quality of the supply. So for eliminating the harmonics, hybrid filters are used. A hybrid filter is combination of series active filter and shunt passive filter. A series active is a power electronics based flexible AC transmission based device which is nothing but a voltage source inverter injecting the voltage in the line and is used to improve the filtering characteristics of the passive filter. In literature, various methods have already been suggested for harmonic mitigation. The study is carried out by three phase dynamic simulation of distribution system component model. The simulation has been carried out using MATLAB which shows the satisfactory performance of the hybrid filter to improve the system dynamics.

Keywords: Harmonics, Series ctive Filter, Shunt Passive Filter, Non Linear Loads, Power Quality.