Abstract: There are various electronic security systems available, based on human motion sensing, biometric features sensing, code or password identifications etc. In this system human face detection and recognition is used for opening and closing the doors, by means of switching ON and OFF of relays. By relays the various motors can be operated to door movement. The system is developed on android platform i.e. an android OS is installed on hardware and an android app is running on android OS. The hardware platform is ARM11 based development board. In this system the human face is detected and then recognized with faces present in the database of system. For face detection ‘Haar feature-based cascade classifiers’ algorithm is used. And for face recognition “Principal Component Analysis” (PCA) algorithm is used. For both algorithms OpenCV and JavaCV libraries are used. Application is developed in JAVA in eclipse IDE . For actuation relays the Atmega AVR microcontroller is used. The ARM11 board gives the command to the AVR microcontroller via RS232 comm. Protocol.

Keywords: Face Detection, Face Recognition, Android OS, ARM11, Haar Features based cascade classifier, Principal Component Analysis(PCA), AVR, Atmega8, OpenCV, JavaCV, Eclipse IDE, JAVA, JDK, android plugins, NDK plugins.