Abstract: This work presented here is to controlled independent home electrical appliances through RF based remote system. From any place without any line of sight around the house, RF based wireless remote control system can change the state of the electrical appliances either in on state or off state. The controlling circuit is built around RF transmitter and RF Receiver modules which are operating at 434 MHz along with encoder IC HT12E and decoder IC HT12D with few passive components. The four different channels at the encoder are used as input switches and the four channels at the decoder output are connected to the appliances through a relay. Here the transmission technique is amplitude shift keying (ASK) and the circuit is powered with 9 V. The main objective of this work is to build the circuit without any programming skill and to make it work without line of sight requirement using the RF technology.

Keywords: IC HT12E, IC HT12D, RF transmitter, RF receiver, relay, ASK.