Abstract: Now a day, it is essential to detect impurity in liquids. The research project proposed is beneficial to the society by and large by giving the measure to reduce the adulteration practices in liquid. The concept of electronic tongues is more recent, and much less research has been undertaken on the development of liquid sensors and classification algorithms. By combining sensor systems e.g. Electronic noses and tongues together with a enhanced image processing techniques, the classification accuracy can be increased. In the proposed research work, an electronic system is developed so that it can be used for analyzing liquids like milk and water. The system hardware and software is designed and developed and efforts are taken to analyze a liquid. The research work involved is the use of image processing techniques, development of new algorithms, continuous monitoring of the liquids under test, and an evaluation of the quality of a liquid. This paper is based on new enhancement technique for infrared images which integrates the benefits of additive wavelet transformation and homomorphism image processing. In the final step these homomorphism enhanced sub bands are subjected to an inverse additive wavelet transform to get an infrared image with better visual details.

Keywords: Wavelet transform, Homomorphism processing, illumination component, reflectance component, sensor, sub band.