Abstract: This paper Proposes Maximum Power Extraction from Wind Turbine with permanent magnet synchronous generator, using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control scheme with the help of regulating the dc link Voltage through Boost converter. This MPPT control scheme is applied by using directly the voltage and current of the generator which is much accurate then getting the parameters from the mechanical and other relative transducers will reduce the accuracy and cost. Feasibility of this control become possible from the relation of the power to the rotor speed and the speed is then related to the DC voltage on the rectifier’s side.

                The components in this wind generation system are Wind Turbine as Prime Mover, PMSG (permanent magnet synchronous generator), rectifier for converting the ac three phase voltage of the PMSG to DC Voltage, Boost converter which will control the DC Voltage of the rectifier and we will have relative speed for the extraction of maximum power from the wind turbine, and a PWM inverter which will invert the DC Voltage supplied by PMSG through rectifier and boost converter to AC Voltage for the load or the grid.

                The simulation is done with help of MATLAB/SIMULINK and the result is shown which prove that the maximum power point tracking algorithm is suitable for wind turbine.


Keywords: Maximum Power Extraction, Wind Turbine Generation System, Wind Energy, MPPT, PMSG, Boost Converter