Abstract: India’s generating capacity is to grow from 232 GW in 2014 to 800 GW in 2030.Indian power system is becoming smarter by integration of information technology and communication system in conventional grid. Intelligent components make it possible to work traditional grid smart way by using features like two way communication, self-healing, self-outage recovery, use of smart sensors etc. This provides reliable, stable, economic and quality power to end users by better utilization of currently available assets of power grid. In this paper efforts have been taken to explain Smart grid and its component, benefits of smart grid and how the smart grid is different from traditional grid. Also pilot projects Under R-APDRP scheme in India are discussed for various states. And various companies taking interest for development of smart grid are listed with its contribution of development.


Keywords: Smart grid; two way communication; self-healing; R-APDRP; self-outage recovery