Abstract: The environmental aspect  like oil depletion, global heating and CO2 gas emissions  have become a concern and have propelled the development of an efficient and extendable energy management system (EMS) using fuel cell and battery sources for Hybrid Electric Vehicles. In this paper, a poser of a hybrid electric vehicle with energy management system with multiple source of energy is developed and analyzing the performance of HEV on Matlab. The multiple sources of energy, such as a battery and fuel cell (FC), EMS and power controller are designed and modelled using MATLAB. The developed control strategies continuously support the EMS of the multiple sources of energy for a vehicle under normal load conditions. The performance of the proposed system is analyzed in terms of vehicle speed and Load power. These study results suggest that the proposed control technique provides an efficient and feasible EMS for light electric vehicles.


Keywords: Energy Management System, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell, Lithium Ion Battery.