Abstract: This paper presents greater value to control a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) - based wind power complete persons living time system with series grid side changer (SGSC) under unbalanced network conditions. The behaviours of the DFIG system with SGSC during voltage unbalance are described by injecting a series control voltage Produced from the SGSC. To balance the stator voltage against effects of voltage unbalance upon the DFIG such as stator and rotor current unbalances electromagnetic torque and power pulsations can be removed , and then the Conventional vector control strategy for the rotor-side converter remains in full force under unbalanced conditions. Mean while, three control targets for the parallel grid-side converter (PGSC) are identified, including eliminating the oscillations in the total active power or reactive power, or eliminating negative-sequence current injected to the grid. Furthermore, a precise current reference Generation strategy for the PGSC has been proposed for The PGSC to further improve the operation performance of the whole system. The simulation results of a mw DFIG based wind turbine 12with SGSC and testing results on a laboratory13scale based on experience trick prices under small unchanging state grid voltage unbalance.


Keywords: DFIG, SGSC, PGSC.