Abstract: In this paper, analyses and design of slotted Rectangular patch antenna for high speed wireless local area network at 5-6 GHz frequency has been done. A parametric study of the antenna has been carried out, to analyze and understand the effects of dimensional parameters. Main disadvantage of the microstrip patch antenna is its narrow bandwidth. However, in this paper slotting technique has been used to increase the bandwidth of the patch antenna. In this design, four slots are incorporated into Rectangular patch antenna. It gives fractional bandwidth of 4603MHz with the center frequency 5.55GHz. The antenna frequency band, with 10 db return loss covers the frequency range of 5.45.68 GHz. The design of patch antenna has been completed using IE3D software. The antenna is designed on 0.5mm RT duroid 5880 substrate with dielectric constant of 2.2 and loss tangent 0.0004 operating at 5.25 GHz. A substrate of low dielectric constant is selected to obtain a compact radiating structure that meets the demanding bandwidth specification.


Keywords: Slotted patch antenna, Bandwidth, Return loss, WLAN.