Abstract: These Multiprocessors have been widely used in modern high performance embedded system to meet the computational needs of smart, real time applications spread across multiple domains. While custom IPs (InteUectual Property) on FPGA based systems are commonly used, multiprocessing on FPGAs have not been explored enough due to concerns about meeting a right trade-off between area usage, achievable performance, and the required design time. Multiprocessor embedded systems (MESes) are a very promising approach for high performance yet relatively low-cost computing. This paper presents an implementation of a multiprocessing system on FPGA using multiple light weight soft processors (LWP) that work in conjunction with a custom hardware to achieve balanced performance to resource ratio. As an example we have implemented a TDEA (Triple Data Encryption Algorithm).simulation is done by using Xilinx and implementation is done by using FPGA.  


Keywords: Multiprocessing, TDEA, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), MicroBlaze