Abstract: In this new era of machines replacing human, the latter are prone to various kinds of health hazards. This has a direct relevance to the health of a human being and functioning of the heart. Thus, it is of utmost importance to check and maintain the pulse rate under control. This has been achieved by obtaining the heart rate using a PPG (Photo-plethysmography) sensor called TCRT 1000. This paper primarily intends to observe pulse rate using NI myRIO and display the pulse rate graphically using LabVIEW programming.


Abiding to the principles of photo-plethysmograph technique, this paper provides a solution to the acquire real time signal from the fingertip of the human. The finger tips are highly receptive and responsive to blood infusions. For every systolic and diastolic pulse changes in the heart, there is a continuous inflow and outflow of blood in the finger tip. The real time signal that has been obtained from the sensor is sent to the virtual environment using the analog input port of NI myRIO. This paper helps in obtaining the output of sensor in digital and graphical format.


Keywords: Pulse rate, LabVIEW, NI myRIO, TCRT1000, Photo-plethysmography (PPG)