Abstract: - In digital communication, there is a need of different modulation technique (such as ASK FSK PSK) to convey a message signal. A Universal modulation is the solution to obtain different modulation techniques. For the implementation of Universal Modulator on FPGA, different architecture have been proposed. One of the technique way to realize the Universal Modulator is Look up table (LUT). Here the CORDIC architecture is used for efficient realization of Universal Modulator. The coordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC) algorithm is widely used in various technological fields such as digital signal processing (DSP), biomedical signal processing, robotics, communication systems, image processing etc. For simple shift and add operation, CORDIC based systems are increased drastically. For the realization of Amplitude modulation, Frequency modulation and Phase modulation, this Universal Modulation is used. The generation of SIN and COS output values will are tested for a given input angle (θ) value. The universal modulator will be designed around the CORDIC algorithms which can generate all most all digital modulation schemes such as ASK, PSK, FSK.


Keywords: FPGA Universal Modulator CORDIC ASK FSK PSK.