Abstract: This paper presents a Smart system for visually impaired, that make use of ultrasonic sensor and RF transceiver as assistive devices. Visually impaired individuals find navigation difficult as they struggle everyday in performing actions for bypassing obstacles and hurdles in their path. In order to help blind people navigate safely and quickly this system is proposed. This system is based on embedded technology. Ultrasonic sensor is placed on the spectacle which is used for obstacle detection with distance indication. RF transceiver simulator is used to provide the traffic signal information for pedestrian crossing in real time scenario and also the bus route information to help the user know about the desired bus. The project hypothesizes a smart walking stick that alerts visually-impaired people over ground level obstacles, pit and water in front which could help them to walk with less accident. The main aim of this work is to design a voice based alerting system for the blind people.

Keywords: Smart system, Assistive devices, Embedded system, Microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensor, RF transceiver, APR sound system.