Abstract: The rising population of India poses serious threats with regard to the availability of living space, utilization of natural resources and raw materials, education and employment. But another serious peril that follows is the escalating amount of waste generated each minute by an individual. An astounding 0.1 million tonnes of waste is generated each day in India. Sadly, only 5% of this colossal amount of waste is recycled. One possible solution for this problem could be segregating the waste at the disposal level itself. In India, the collection, transportation and disposal of MSW are unscientific and chaotic. Uncontrolled dumping of waste on outskirts of towns and cities has created overflowing landfills which are not only impossible to reclaim because of the haphazard manner of dumping but also has serious environmental implication in terms of ground water pollution and contribution to Global warming [1].This has found to reduce the average life span of the manual segregators. Developing a mechanized system to help save the lives of many and making the world a cleaner and a greener place is the noble objective of our project. We have thus proposed an automatic waste segregator that aims at segregating the waste at the disposal level itself. It is designed to sort the waste into 3 major categories, namely metallic, wet and dry, thereby making waste management more effective. To set the ball rolling, we have proposed this project to give back to our nation, making our India a ‘Swachh Bharath’.

Keywords: Automation,Conveyor belt system,Inductive Proximity Sensor,High speed Blower,Waste segregation.