Abstract: Voice communication becomes ineffective in the industries & various places where there is a noisy environment. Industries and other places which offer ineffective voice communication require data transmission in text and image form. The first approach of the project is to draw the pattern on touch screen display which is interfaced with arm7 processor and transmit this pattern using zigbee transmitter. At the receiving side ARM7 processor is interfaced with GLCD (Graphical Liquid Crystal Display) which displays the received pattern. The second approach is to send the bitmap images to the receiver. The bitmap images are stored in the ARM-7 processorís inbuilt EEPROM memory at the transmitter side. The touch screen display along with the GLCD is connected to the ARM7 LPC2148 controller. The ARM processor which is programmed to read the touched values in the real time environment, encode it and sends it to receiver. Whatever the information we want to send is accessed with the help of touch screen and ARM-7 processor and then it is showed on the GLCD at the transmitter. After that we can transmit that image or pattern to the receiver via zigbee transmitter circuit. This project is designed around the ARM-7 processor. The processor fulfils all the requirements related to wireless control and image processing. An inbuilt EEPROM is provided to store the bitmap images.

Keywords: Environment, pattern, wireless, zigbee.