Abstract: To configure a transceiver card for the hand held radio which is used for the transmission and reception of data or signals in war field. An RF Agile transceiver IC is an IC which is programmable is used. The IC is programmed to transmit and receive the signals in war field. The hand held radio system consists of baseband processor, FPGA on which the program is run to configure the transceiver card and has a flash memory where the programs to configure the transceiver at different frequencies are stored. As the radio is powered the respective programs stored in the flash memory is run on the FPGA based on the user data which is given as input, which will configures the transceiver IC in turn configuring the in-built analog and digital filters and the signal will be transmitted. Before transmitting the transceiver IC can be programmed for different modulation techniques depending on the user specifications.At the other radio same transceiver is used where the signal is received and is demodulated and processed to get the original message or signal.The simulation is done with the help of XILINX tool.

Keywords: Transceiver, FPGA, baseband processor.