Abstract: The accurate measurement of the lumen intima and media adventitia interfaces thickness is very important to find any kind of cardio vascular diseases that are progressing and present in the carotid artery, this can be achieved robustly by measuring and identifying the intima and media thickness, which also represents any kind of future cardio vascular diseases. Here we try to develop an algorithm that will automatically help in the analysis of the carotid artery by segmentation and tracking of the arterial thickness that will consider the B-mode video sequence of the ultra sound scan. In the first stage of the proposed algorithm the tracking and segmentation procedure is done and in the second stage a new technique called adaptive normalization correlation procedure is applied which helps the next coming frames to automatically adapt to the reference frames. This procedure is applied for one full cardiac cycle, the proposed algorithm using the automatic segmentation and tracking of the intima and adventitia thickness uses the adaptive normalization correlation technique is of very high clinical relevance importance and will provides the expected accurate result.

Keywords: IMT, CAD, ROI, IMC.