Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes communicating with each other using multi-hop wireless Links without any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. In recent years, a variety of routing protocols targeted specifically at this environment have been developed and some performance simulations are made. Multi-path routing has been studied thoroughly in the context of wired networks. It has been shown that using multiple paths to route messages between any source-destination pair of nodes (instead of using a single path) balances the load more evenly throughout the network. The common belief is that the same is true for ad hoc networks, i.e., multi-path routing balances the load significantly better than single-path routing. Our Protocol, called MP-OLSR & AOMDV is a multipath routing protocol. In addition route recovery & loop detection are implemented in MP-OLSR in order to improve quality of service regarding OLSR.MP-OLSR is suitable for mobile, large & dense network with large traffic & could satisfy critical multimedia applications with high on time constraints.

Keywords: MANET, MRP, AOMDV, MPOLSR etc.