Abstract: In recent years, Data Gathering plays an important role in wireless sensor network. The data can be gathered using two methods. First, Static Sink can be used to collect data from sensors and routed to mobile station via multi hop communication. This increases the delay and consumes high energy. To avoid this problem, a mobile element based data gathering is introduced. The ME has a shortest path and it can move along the path and collects data from sensors and passes the data to the Mobile station. This reduces the delay but ME depletes its energy often. To reduce the consumption of energy, Energy Efficient mobile element based data gathering using Tinybee is proposed. In this method, the tinybees are dispatched from the mobile element and comes back to the ME with aggregated data. So, the movement of ME is reduced. Thus it reduces the tour length of the ME and energy can be efficiently utilized. This proposed method achieves the energy efficiency to an acceptable level.

Keywords: Wireless sensor Networks, Tinybee, Mobile Element