Abstract: In recent research activities, different types of multilevel inverters are designed to fulfil the present requirements of power. Already some of the standard multilevel inverters take major role in the electrical market like, Diode Clamped, Flying Capacitor and Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter. In cascaded type, Asymmetrical multilevel inverter is most popular one; but different types of multilevel inverters are introduced with the capabilities of reduced switches, reduced number of sources, single DC source and single bridge etc. In this paper comparision of reduced switch multilevel inverter with standard asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter to analyze the various aspects like implementation, performance, applications and computational complexity. This analysis gives the idea about recently introduced multilevel inverters among the standard inverters.

Keywords: Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter, Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter, Space Vector Control Modulation, Total Harmonic Distortion, Pulse Generation.