Abstract: This paper presents the real-time implementation of a bi input extended Kalman filter (EKF) (BI-EKF)-based estimator in order to overcome the simultaneous estimation problem of the variations in stator resistance Rs and rotor resistance Rr aside from the load torque tL and all states required for the speed-sensorless control of induction motors (IMs) in the wide speed range Performance of the proposed technique is assessed under challenging stator and rotor resistance variation using matlab/simulink. Superior performance has been obtained using the fuzzy logic adaptation mechanisms .The proposed robust-intelligent controller improves the low speed performance, the torque and the flux ripple and its dynamic performance of the induction machine as those used in tractions, as they require good torque control performance at considerably lower frequency. A novel stator resistance estimator is proposed. The estimation method is implemented using the Extended Kalman Filter. Finally, extensive simulation results are presented to validate the proposed technique.

Keywords: Fuzzy control, Induction motors, DTC-SVM,EKF.