Abstract: This paper deals with enhancement of images with poor contrast and detection of background. Proposes a frame work which is used to detect the background in images characterized by poor contrast. Image enhancement has been carried out by the two methods based on the Weber’s law notion. The first method employs information from image background analysis by blocks, while the second transformation method utilizes the opening operation, closing operation, which is employed to define the multi-background gray scale images. The complete image processing is done using MATLAB simulation model. Finally, this paper is organized as follows as Morphological transformation and Weber’s law. Image background approximation to the background by means of block analysis in conjunction with transformations that enhance images with poor lighting. The multi background notion is introduced by means of the opening by reconstruction shows a comparison among several techniques to improve contrast in images. Histogram for every method is shown. Finally, conclusions are presented.

Keywords: Image Background Analysis by blocks, Morphological Methods, Weber’s law notion, Opening Operation, Closing Operation, Erosion-Dilation method, Histogram equalization, Block Analysis for Gray level images.